"Debra Hensley has an eye and an instinct for what's worth celebrating in our community— a lot, as the Social Stimulus events I've attended have shown me. There's some real energy bouncing around Lexington right now, and a good bit of it is being generated directly by Debra."

-Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, Kentucky Author


Debra Hensley is inspiring others
to lead good lives.

About Debra Hensley

As a local business owner, Debra realized there was a need for more connection among local community members and wondered how could she give back more. In 2007, Debra’s Social Stimulus was born out of that need.

Debra is a former city council member, co-founder of Downtown Lexington Corporation, and co-founder of Just Fund KY, Inc. As chair of the task force on homelessness for the city of Lexington, she was instrumental in making the Hope Center a reality. She has also served as chair of KY Conference for Community Justice, along with being involved with numerous boards and committees helping to make Lexington, Kentucky a better place.

Her passion for media and the betterment of our community has been her inspiration for a new project to bring a Non-Commercial/Non-Profit Low Power FM radio channel to Lexington. This new radio station will focus on strong public safety, public health, education, arts, and hyper-local programming filtered through a multi-cultural lens.

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Ken and Merry Tompkins Podcast

Listen to a story of the Tompkins who have traveled a road familiar to African Americans their age and experienced the trials and triumphs of our country as it has moved from segregation to equality.

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