These are stories of every woman and every man; And every day adds up.

Good Lives, Good Lives Podcasts

Good Lives, Good Lives is an ongoing series of podcasts featuring stimulating individuals in the Lexington community.

Before now, you may not have heard of the community members featured, but once you’ve listened to their powerful stories, you won’t forget them. These are people living a life that others will want to pattern--a life that inspires empathy, compassion and vision to be passed along to future generations. Whether they have overcome tremendous adversity or have simply made it their purpose to make the world a better place, their contributions are remarkable reminders that we are all capable of leaving our mark in our own way. These are stories of every woman and every man; And every day adds up.

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Eric Headley

Eric Headley always knew he wanted to be a veterinarian. “As a kid, I wondered about animals and how things work,” he said. After a brief stop in Dental School, Eric realized all he ever wanted to do was become a vet and made the switch. In 1997, he bought the Chevy Chase Animal Clinic from Dr. Maury Offutt who opened the practice 50 years ago. Now, Dr. Headley uses his practical nature, along with intuition and integrity, to provide outstanding care for patients and their families. “He gets the relationship between animals and their owners,” said his wife, Beth. “He feels that so deeply.” Dr. Headley continues to operate his practice with love, passion and above all, honesty—a practice he hopes his son, Cooper, will one day take over.

Pam Miller

Others have called Pam Miller a trailblazer, and indeed she is a woman of firsts. She was taught the importance of public service from childhood, and spent her years in Lexington living that service. Pam Miller was the first to bring local fruits and vegetables directly from our farms to tables with the creation of the Lexington Farmer’s Market in 1972. She was also the first woman elected to Lexington’s brand new Urban County Council and first woman to serve as Mayor of Lexington. Now, after 47 years as a role model for positive change and champion of arts and education in our community, she will leave the city she loves with her legacy.

Mamadou Savane

When Mamadou Savane was growing up in Guinea, West Africa, his grandfather predicted his smile would be his future. Now, as owner of Sav's Grill and Sav's Chill in Lexington, Savane makes that truth a reality every day for his customers. Opening the grill in 2008 gave Savane the chance to recreate something he grew up with—family, neighbors and friends sharing good food and companionship. Sav's Grill has since become a routine lunch and dinner destination.
Although he migrated here 22 years ago after meeting is wife Rachel, Savane considers himself a Lexingtonian. Never was this more evident than when the community came together to support him and his family after a kitchen accident left Savane with 2nd degree burns over most of his body. He's now fully healed and back at work making and serving his delicious West African cuisine with his trademark smile.

Dr. Necia Desiree Harkless

“You create your own life”—This is the motto Dr. Necia Desiree Harkless lives by, a sentiment imparted to her by her father. Born and raised in Detroit, Dr. Harkness is an educator, musician, poet, author and scholar. She came to Lexington in the 1970s to develop the Early Childhood Education program at the University of Kentucky and was responsible for bringing about universal Kindergarten in our state. Her love for the arts led to spearheading the first African American Arts Festival in Lexington in 1980. Despite her accomplishments, Dr. Harkness does not consider herself an artist. Rather she views art as a vehicle for teaching, something she has shared with our community for decades.

Irma Rosenstein

In the late 1950s, New York City Native Irma Rosenstein decided to do something about the obvious prejudices she found in her new hometown. As the first significant organizer of the Blue Grass chapter of the National Conference for Community and Justice, she helped spread the concept of inclusion of all people. Her promotion of understanding and respect has helped shape Lexington into the city it is today.

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Cherie Collins and Devastating Gasline Explosions

Pipeline explosions like the recent one in Adair County--and the one in Montgomery County in 2011--can be prevented. The Pipeline Transportation Safety Act is in the best interest of public safety. Listen as Kentucky native CD Collins recounts the horror of witnessing a pipeline explosion first hand and the devastating effects it has had on her life for the past 50 plus years.  

Ken and Merry Tompkins PODCAST

If there was ever a story of inclusion, it is the story of Lexington couple Ken and Merry Tompkins. Keepers of their family history, they can trace their family tree from slavery and emancipation through segregation to today. The Tompkins have traveled a road familiar to African Americans their age and experienced first hand the trials and triumphs of our country as it has moved from segregation to equality. 

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Bob and Ruth Straus PODCAST

Listen in on a love story about family, community and a better world. Bob and Ruth Straus have a passion and concern for those less fortunate and have dedicated their lives to thinking of others first and forging the way for equal opportunity. Spend a few minutes getting to know them and you will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

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Meet a remarkable farmer and author who’s lifelong work in seed preservation will open your eyes to the benefits of heirloom seeds and their effect on the quality of our food. As a charter member of the Lexington Farmer’s Market, Bill is passing on his gardening traditions and helping our community preserve good taste.

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Fred Mills Podcast

Kentucky native and long time manager of the Kentucky Theatre, Fred Mills was instrumental in helping to save this historical icon for our community. His knowledge and care for the types of films shown and the environment their shown in, are surpassed only by his enthusiasm.

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Bob Morgan Podcast

Lexington artist and native, Bob Morgan uses his art to tell the unique and compelling stories of our community. He is a living encyclopedia and an archive, offering insight on our community’s gay culture and the need for our talented and creative youth to express their dreams here at home.

Cindy Goff

Lexington horsewoman and native, Cindy Goff teaches us to take one day at a time and follow your dreams. Her tenacity to keep getting up again and use her strength to help others is a lesson we can all take to heart.

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Ken and Merry Tompkins Podcast

Listen to a story of the Tompkins who have traveled a road familiar to African Americans their age and experienced the trials and triumphs of our country as it has moved from segregation to equality.

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