Raising the Spirits of London Ferrell

"One of the great things about Debra's Social Stimulus is that no place is off limits.  Not even a cemetery.  What a diverse crowd we had when we gathered at the Old Episcopal Burying Ground on East Third Street to learn about a little known black minister who lived 150 years ago whose life story continues to inspire us.  Thanks for helping to share the rich history of my downtown neighborhood." -Thomas Tolliver, East End Activist

The Scoop

The London Ferrel Community Garden

The area near the Old Episcopal Burying ground is rich with a tradition of community giving and cooperation. This event featured the history of London Ferrell's service to people of all races and the good works being done by Seedleaf, Christ Church and engaged community members like Sherry Maddox.We are so thankful to everyone who came out to help us raise the spirits of London Ferrell on Friday, Oct. 23rd at the Old Episcopal Burying Grounds! The mesmerizing drumbeats of the YMCA drum choir chased away the pouring rains and led the way to another fantastic turnout for Debra’s Social $timulus!

Starting the garden with Sherry Maddox

Seedleaf with Becca Self

Visit the London Ferrell Garden with DS$

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