DS$ hits the road

This was the event that got us thinking,...if we can get this many people to gather in the midst of all this gravel, dust and heavy equipment, we just might have something special going on here.

The Scoop

Presto, the people-powered bike

We couldn't help but notice that the ginormous bulldozers and jackhammers outside of Hanna's on Lime were really keeping the customers away. Although Beth Hanna's food was as hot and tasty as ever, people just started to avoid the S Limestone area as a result of the heavy construction going on. So in response to our concerns we hosted what we then called a "Stimulus Hop" at Soundbar, catered by Hanna's on Lime.
The turnout to this event surpassed our wildest expectations. We were tickled to have so many people attend despite the gravel and dust still in the air from the day's construction work. The food was great and the conversation was stimulating, as always. Thank you for making this event such a success!

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